Online casino games have enabled millions of people across the globe to join in the fun. Previously, this enjoyable pass time was for the lucky individuals who had plenty of time and money on their hands. line casinos have turned the tables; anybody can join in for some fun and of course the prize money.

Online slots are by far the most uncomplicated and exciting games you can play today. As a result, several online casinos have developed different versions of it, just in case one version bores the users.

Here are some of the most popular online slot games of all time

Three-reel slots

This game borrows inspiration from the classic three slot machine. Surprisingly, people still love this game despite the ancient roots. Today, it is commonly referred to as the fruit machine, because of the images that come with the physical device. It has one pay line, and chances of winning depend on sheer luck.

Five-reel slots

As the name suggests, this game has five reels. It is different from the three-reel slot in two significant ways. There are way more pay lines (up to 100), and it displays videos instead of pictures. However, the number of pay lines you choose increases the price per spin rate, so proceed with caution.

3D slots

The 3D slots are the newest entries in the slot machine scene. Popularized by the online casinos, they have brought more entertainment to the slots players. The characters can move around and tend to tell a story that continues as you spin. Indeed, the players have received this innovation with excitement, and people are playing slots more than ever before.

Though there are more options in online casinos than just these three, the ones mentioned here have won the gamer’s attention.