Since the inception of slot machines in 1899, their development journey has been nothing short of amazing. It all started with the iconic three reel slot machines that came with a lever. They received a ton of attention and eventually created a new breed of gamblers. However, it did not take long before players realized it was a “one arm bandit” – designed to siphon your bankroll. After all, the machine has to be in favour of the house.

Since that time, there have been several notable developments in this slots arena – mainly because the players tend to get bored after playing the same game continuously. Let’s check out the most popular ones.

Video Slots

It wasn’t until 1980 when the stakeholders decided to revolutionize the sector. They got rid of the moving parts and replaced them with processors and buttons. Initially, the video slots came with a Sony screen to display some exciting videos. Of course, this was an instant smash, and they never looked back since. Today, the video slots come with random number generators, touch screens, and videos from favourite shows and movies.

Fruit machines

When you hear these babies mentioned anywhere, Britain is never too far behind. In fact, they are in almost all the cafés and bars in the country. Besides taking them online, nothing much has changed with these machines for the last 30 years. They come with three reels which are considered “lenient” to gamers. But the video slots appear to be taking over the slots industry.

High payout slots

If you are looking to win some serious money with slots, this is it. Top payout slots are known for their few and far between mega payouts. As much as people play for amusement, they always have hopes of winning mega jackpots at the back of their minds. Like the Finnish player who won 18 million Euros over at Mega Fortune in 2013.