Flashing lights, shouting colours, and the thrill involved make slot machines the most popular game in the casino. They are an excellent pastime activity and also offer gamers a chance to win some cash. Slots are loved for their straightforward designs, making it easy to play and test your fate.

So you are probably thinking, aren’t those machines always in favour of the house? First, that is a loser’s mentality, and it will get you nowhere. Just like any other sport, you need a mix of strategy, luck, and most importantly, follow the rules.

Here are the top three rules that can help change a losing streak to a series of small wins.

Choose the number of pay lines like a pro

Every slot player hopes to win on every bet, but it may not always go your way. Some machines support up to 25 pay lines – a straight line, zigzag and everything in between. As a result, the gamers might be tempted to select more of pay lines; which is a trap. You would rather play several rounds with few pay lines. It increases your chances of winning significantly.

Go for the low volatility slot machines

This rule is more of a pro tip, and it works like a charm. High volatility machines offer tempting rewards as bait. In a real sense, the chances of winning are next to none. So you are better off betting on the low volatility slots. Though rewards are not as appealing, the machines are programmed to award payouts more often.

Don’t play for too long

Let’s face it; slots are highly addictive. Here, the only sensible thing to do is making a small budget for every session. Surprisingly, some people think that hopping from one machine to the next will improve their chances. But for the record, you might lose more than you gain if you try it.