Just like the famous pairs in history (peanut butter and Jelly, Romeo & Juliet), a slot gamer needs a partner. In this case, a proven strategy – it is the secret ingredient to getting payouts only if you are lucky. Usually, gamblers make laughable blunders by going in without a plan, ending up with losses instead of wins. But there are several proven ways to reverse that trend. These ideas do not guarantee anything, their aim being to reduce loses and finally rake in some cash.

Losses and profit levels

Ideally, this tip is the most important thing on this list. It helps a player create a balance between overspending and having a good time. Using this killer strategy, you have a better chance of walking away from the casino (or computer) with money. Even if you get lucky and reach the take profit margin, be grateful and walk out, else you lose it all.

Bet the maximum value of slots

This tip will save you from regrets after missing a jackpot by only one or two pay lines. To avoid such an incident, you need to choose a machine or online slots that you can max out comfortably, say a $0.25 slot. That way, you will save money and play longer. If everything goes well, the gamer receives substantial prizes, bonuses, and side games.

Join the club

If you enjoy gambling, join a club (for land-based casinos) or subscribe to membership (for online casinos). That way, you enjoy free bonuses offered to return customers. But there is a catch; you need to spend a specific amount on coins to get rewarded. Interestingly, some casinos will even offer cash-back after meeting some requirements. So, there is a need to confirm the details before you enroll. However, do not forget to use the club card every time you gamble – it is the only way they can track your spending.